"TeleSage is the pioneer in bringing affordable IVR and web solutions to the healthcare community... TeleSage has followed through on its commitment to excellence and is now helping to usher in a new era in healthcare data collection."
    -- Computers in Mental Health

TeleSage Awards

National Institute of Mental Health and National Institutes of Health - Phase II Small Business Innovation Research Grant

On August 15, 2005, the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) awarded TeleSage approximately $675,000 to continue development of a computerized adaptive test (CAT) survey for use in mental health services research. Based on item response theory (IRT), the instrument will assess levels of depression, anxiety, social functioning, and role functioning in mental health clients via touch-screen or hand-held computer or SmartQ automated telephone survey. The final CAT instrument will have applications in mental health care, primary care, health services research, and clinical research.

National Institute on Drug Abuse and National Institutes of Health - Phase II Small Business Innovative Research Grant

On April 28, 2005, the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) awarded TeleSage approximately $750,000 to conduct a study on the use of outcomes tracking in adolescent substance abuse treatment. This Phase Two study will assess whether longitudinal assessments, using the Teen-Addiction Severity Index and feedback reports, with referrals, improve clinical outcomes and process indicators for adolescents in treatment for substance abuse. As part of the study, TeleSage will develop a suite of web-based software products that will allow substance abuse treatment clinics to create customized outcomes tracking for their clients via a Web Portal. The final software products will have applications in adolescent addiction and substance abuse treatment nationwide.

National Institute on Drug Abuse-Small Business Innovative Research Grant

This Phase Two competitive renewal grant will enable TeleSage to evaluate the performance of automated feedback from the Addiction Severity Index (ASI) in a multi-site, multi-state randomized study. In a previous grant, TeleSage developed automated self-report versions of the ASI capable of both intake and follow-up assessments using both eQ Internet and interactive voice response (IVR) telephone technologies. Now, their use in clinical situations will be examined to determine if automated self-report surveys and reports improve patient outcomes. TeleSage aims to improve the efficacy of clinical interviews, engage patients in their own care, and help substance abuse clinics comply with state mandates to track outcomes - all with reduced staff time and lower costs.

National Institute of Mental Heath - Small Business Innovative Research Grant

TeleSage, in partnership with Kaiser Permanente, developed and tested the first Item Response Theory-based instrument in mental health. With IRT, a complex and innovative mathematical process that uses branching logic, a patient's previous answers in the survey determine what the next question will be. IRT has recently become popular in educational assessment but has never before been used in mental health. The new instrument screened for four domains (depression, anxiety, interpersonal functioning, and occupational functioning) in less than six minutes. This IRT-based instrument will provide a low-cost, brief, but comprehensive screening and outcomes tracking assessment tool for primary care, mental health, and research settings.

National Institute on Drug Abuse - Small Business Innovative Research Grant

This grant enabled TeleSage to develop new automated versions of the Teen-Addiction Severity Index, or T-ASI. In association with Sundown Ranch, TeleSage conducted a randomized trial of 130 adolescent subjects in a residential clinical setting. The results validated a SmartQ automated telephone and eQ Internet versions of the T-ASI. TeleSage reached its goal of enhancing the T-ASI's clinical and research utility as well as patient acceptability.

National Institute on Drug Abuse - Small Business Innovative Research Grant

With the help of this generous grant, TeleSage successfully developed SmartQ automated telephone and eQ Internet versions of the most widely used instrument in substance abuse treatment: the Addiction Severity Index, or ASI. With the partnership of Swedish Medical Center, TeleSage conducted randomized trials of adult and geriatric subjects in clinical settings. The new automated versions of the ASI demonstrated the potential to improve addiction management and outcomes tracking across the country.

CT Labs Certification

SmartQ software met thorough IT testing criteria in the certification process

"The well-designed GUI is easy to learn and use, and makes it an absolute breeze to create simple phone-in surveys. The documentation that comes with the system includes step-by-step instructions, as well as good examples, that help you design, implement, and manage your surveys. We were very pleased with the performance of this product - no failures detected during the entire 32,000 call tests we performed. Excellent!

"We would recommend this product for businesses that want to implement a phone-in survey system, but might have previously been unable to do so because of the cost of systems targeting larger businesses."

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National Institute of Mental Health - Small Business Innovative Research Grant

A multi-site randomized trial and the partnership of United Behavioral Health enabled TeleSage to demonstrate that SmartQ IVR software can be used to improve mental health care delivery. In this first clinical trial of IVR-based longitudinal symptom monitoring via IVR, automated faxed feedback increased the overall efficiency of monitoring patient progress. The study tested whether use of IVR and faxed reports improved patients' clinical and functional outcomes. Approximately 1,375 volunteers from a large and varied, commercially-insured patient population completed up to three similar IVR-administered questionnaires in two cohorts. The patients' clinicians and their care managers received reports either immediately via fax or at the end of the six-month study period.

National Institute of Mental Health - Small Business Innovative Research Grant

To improve the quality and efficiency of mental health screening and outcomes assessment, TeleSage built and tested a standardized and affordable Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. The study evaluated both the acceptance of telephone surveys among mental health patients in a bilingual context and the utility of reports for clinicians.